The Best Beaches on the Gold Coast of Australia

You must be a beach lover, if you enjoy an or simply spend the most amount of time on the Gold Coast. The beaches are teeming with both sportsmen and women and many who merely come for the sunshine or for a family trip. Here are some of the best beaches on the Gold Coast of Australia:

Surfers Paradise – Surfers Paradise is one of the most popular beach destinations on the Gold Coast. There are several beach clubs and restaurants that offer food which makes it a favorite with most people. But because it is such a beautiful beach, the traffic is less. So, if you want to be close to the water, you have a chance to find yourself in this beach.

Wickham – On the other side of the coast, located next to Port Douglas, Wickham is considered to be a small village. This village is actually a cluster of small towns, which are part of the region called Southern Highlands. The area is known for its beaches and is also known for its sunset. For those who love sunsets, they can find themselves on Wickham Beach.

Bundaberg – It’s not only a beach town but it’s also one of the more popular tourist destinations. Bundaberg offers a number of activities that you can enjoy on the beach. It also has a quite strong economy and, in fact, one of the biggest in the state.

Bundaberg also has a number of beaches in its vicinity. But some of the more popular beaches include: Old Bundaberg, George Point, King Beach, Heidelberg, and of course, the longest beach on the Gold Coast – the Red Rock Beach. This is the longest beach on the Gold Coast of Australia. There are also many other beaches such as the Coolum and the Abbot Point.

Alpine Lakes – On the outskirts of Bundaberg, there is one very nice beach which is very popular among the locals. It is the Alpine Lakes beach. It has the famous marina, which is also near the beach. There are many things to do here including watersports and walking around the lake, which can make for a great and relaxing experience.

Blue Mountains – At the end of the Red and the Blue Mountains, there is one particularly beautiful beach. Called by locals as the California Lake, it is just on the Gold Coast, but is in fact more of a piece of Gold Coast history.

This beach, which is the very first on the Gold Coast and is located directly off the main road, can give you a really memorable view as you walk along the sandstone cliffs. From here, you can just watch the long sandy beach. This beach is an actual artificial beach and, although is quite a popular beach, it is likely to be crowded.

The natural beauty of this area is unrivaled. This area also has the Como and Pass Road, which are regarded as one of the best roads in Australia. If you don’t want to go all the way from Bundaberg to the Gold Coast, this is the best way to travel, as you will be able to go straight from the valley to the beach.

You can even visit the original Gold Coast and back again. While you’re at it, you may also enjoy the terrific chocolate shops located in the area. There are also a number of other beaches within a few kilometres of the actual Gold Coast town.

Some of the most beautiful beaches also have gourmet food cafes, so you have the chance to get the best of what the Gold Coast has to offer. Make sure you don’tmiss out on the wonderful beaches of the Gold Coast.